First Class

After you are enrolled as a cadet and have received your uniform, you will be able to start studying for your first classification badge.

As this is your first experience of classification training within the Corps you will start at a fairly basic level, being instructed and assessed on a number of subjects including:

The Air Training Corps - Learn more about the organisation and it's history and about the major developments that have happened during the last 70 years.

The Royal Air Force - You will learn more about our parent organisation including it's history, organisation and roles. You will also learn more about security within the Armed Forces.

Initial Expedition Training - In this section you will start to learn the basics of expeditions including route planning, first aid and emergencies, campcraft, kit and planning. This is a great way to get into the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award scheme.

Basic Radio Communications - Here you will learn the basics of operating radios as well as information on callsigns, radio frequencies and the phonetic alphabet.

Map Reading - In this section you will learn all about how to navigate using a map using a number of techniques as well as getting an understanding of Ordnance Survey maps.

History of Flight - You will learn about all of the major developments in the history of manned and unmanned aviation - from the Montgolfier Brothers hot air balloons to the Wright Brothers first powered flight right through to today's modern military and civilian aircraft as well as the future of unmanned aerial platforms.

Basic Principles of Airmanship - In this section you will learn about the basics of airfields as well as learning more about the aircraft that we fly in the Air Cadets.

Download the new First Class resources here.



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