The next stage in your classification training is the Leading Classification.

For this you will be taught 3 subjects and be expected to take exams on each of them.

The subjects are a continuation of the subjects first studied in First Class.

The subjects are:

- Basic Navigation
- Principles Of Flight
- Airmanship II

Our own Sgt (ATC) Scott Watson has prepared revision notes to help cadets prepare for their leading exams, these are below:

Basic Navigation
-Chapter 4 - Weather
Principles of Flight
-Chapter 1 - Lift & Weight and Chapter 2 - Thrust & Drag
-Chapter 4 - Stalling and Chapter 5 - Gliding
-Chapter 6 - Helicopters
-Aircraft Diagrams
Airmanship II
-All Airmanship 2 Lectures

You can download the new Leading resources here.

All above links are in .pdf format and require Acrobat Reader to be viewed, this can be downloaded here.



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