Adult Ranks

In addition to the cadet ranks, there is also a rank structure for adult members of staff. This is split into two distinct groups, Adult SNCO's and Commissioned Officers.

Adult SNCO's


Flight Sergeant

Warrant Officer

Commissioned Officers

Most officers that you will see as a cadet will be part of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch - the RAFVR(T) and as such will have metal pins with the letters VRT attached to their rank slide (as in the Officer Cadet image). RAFVR(T) ranks go from Officer Cadet to Wing Commander and in some cases even Group Captain.

If you see an Officer that is not wearning the gilt VRT pin then the chances are that this will be a serving Royal Air Force Officer.

Junior Officers

Officer Cadet
(Off Cdt)
Pilot Officer
(Plt Off)
Flying Officer
(Fg Off)
Flight Lieutenant
(Flt Lt)

Senior Officers

Squadron Leader
(Sqn Ldr)
Wing Commander
(Wg Cdr)
Group Captain
(Gp Capt)

Air Officers - These are not found within the ATC as RAFVR(T) Officers but instead will be high ranking officers in the Royal Air Force itself.

Air Commodore
(Air Cdre)
Air Vice Marshall
Air Marshall
(Air Mshl)
Air Chief Marshall (Air Chf Mshl) Marshall Of The RAF

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