Not to be confused with Classification.

All NCOs have worked hard to earn their rank. They have shown leadership skills, and have shown that they can go one step further. Squadron Commanders don't just hand out promotions just because someone has been in a long time, they are given to those most deserving of the promotion.

To gain the rank of CWO you must be at least 18. Your Squadron Commander would then have to recommend you to your Wing, you will then go for on interview with the Wing Commander or his representative and upon successful completion you will have gained the highest rank as a cadet.

Cadet Corporal (Cpl) Cadet Sergeant (Sgt) Cadet Flight Sergeant (FS) Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO)

The rank structure is designed so that you report to and take orders from the people above you, so a cadet would report to Corporals and above, a Corporal would report to Sergeants and above, a Sergeant would report to Flight Sergeants and above, a Flight Sergeant would report to Cadet Warrant Officers and above, and a CWO would report to the adult staff.

Once a cadet turns 18 they must attend a Basic Adult Staff Instructors Course (BASIC), they then (if an NCO) must wear Staff Cadet rank slides, essentially normal rank slides with the words'Staff Cadet' at the bottom.


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