The Beret

If your new to cadets you will have been given a lovely beret that represents something like Frank Spencers from Some Mothers Do 'Av Em! To solve this problem we can take all the top tips and handy hints from this page and apply them to your beret so you can look just right for parade.

Shaping your new beret couldn't be simpler. It even tells you how to do it inside the beret! To get your new beret looking like it should just follow these very simple steps:

1: Immerse your beret alternately in hot and cold water, being careful not to get the band wet.

2: Place the beret on your head and mould it into the desired shape. To do this hold the badge over your left eye and pull the material over to the right so it all the excess material comes down to your right ear.

3: Allow the beret to dry naturally in this shape.

That's it, it really is as simple as that.


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