How do I polish my shoes?

Many people have many ways of polishing or 'bulling' shoes, don't be tempted to use any oils or furniture polish to get an instant shine, oils or grease will dull polish and you will have to strip all polish off the shoe and start again. The 'quick' way to polish is normally the wrong way. Here are some tips to polish your shoes: -

  • Clean off any surface dust with a piece of cotton wool or soft cloth. Polishing over dust will only mean that you engrain foreign matter into your shoe and will stop you from getting a good shine.
  • Dip a separate (don't use the dirty cotton wool) piece of cotton wool/soft cloth into some water soaking the cotton wool/cloth, squeeze out the excess water.
  • When the cotton wool/cloth is wet, dip it into some polish.
  • Apply shoe polish in a circular motion (small circles) onto the shoes.
  • Applying more more water when the cotton wool/cloth starts to become dry.
  • When the shine starts to appear dip a fresh piece of cotton wool/cloth ito water then into the polish and build up the layers of polish on the shoes by repeating this until a deep shine appears.
  • Don't overshine your shoes once you obtain the initial shine as you will lose the best finish.

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