RAF Camps
These camps usually last a week per camp often in Easter and Summer with around around 30 cadets from three or 4 different squadrons attending each. They take place at operational RAF stations around the UK. During these camps cadets may:

* Do section visits to different parts of the RAF station such as the control tower or the fire service
* Go flying in aircraft such as the Tutor, Hercules C-17, helicopters and may even be able to fly in a fast jet on certain bases.
* Shooting on the barrack or gallery ranges available on the station.
* Do exercises organised by the regiment

Overseas Camps

These are held annually to various places including RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, JHQ Rheindahlen and Ramstein AB in Germany and RAF Gibralar. These are aimed at the the older cadets who have already gained a lot of experience.

Band Camps

There are various band camps held throughout the year, these are held at different locations around the UK, previous camps have been held at HQAC at RAF Cranwell and more recent camps have been held at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport and RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire.

International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)

The Air Training Corps has annual two-week International Air Cadet Exchange with air cadet organisations of about 20 other countries, including Australia, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada and the United States. This is an outstanding opportunity to visit other people and countries and gain an insight to their cadet forces and culture. It is a high profile event, which often includes visiting government officials, military establishments and places of interest. Cadets are expected to act as ambassadors for both their country and cadet force.

For more information on IACE see Cadet Warrant Officer Callum Parkers report from his trip to florida in 2014 here.


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