An activity enjoyed by many cadets is fieldcraft. This involves a lot of team work and a high degree of skill. Much of what is taught is based on what the RAF Regiment, the Army and the Royal Marines do for a living. It is adapted so it is more suited for cadets taking the skills that they use in the field and applying them to our needs. On Squadron you may run exercises involving navigation, casualty evacuation and a favourite of many cadets, escape and evasion. All of these will put into use the skills that you are taught.

All airmen and airwomen in the RAF are expected to be able to carry out their job in field conditions. They will also be expected to be able to defend the base they are serving on if they need to. All service personnel must undergo what is known as Ground Defence Training (GDT).

Fieldcraft will teach you the skills that are needed to operate in the field. These skills range from being able to navigate, to being able to use the correct method of camouflage and concealment.

On squadron there are several members that are skilled at this and instruct in all areas. You will be given instruction in all areas from applying cam cream, to how to fire a rifle correctly.

Once you have learnt about the different aspects of field craft, you will then have the opportunity to practice the skills through exercises (classroom extension sessions).


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