Flying & Gliding

Once you have joined cadets you will have the opportunity to fly in many different aircraft ranging from the light aircraft and gliders to military jets, helicopters and also civilian aircraft. Most cadets get to fly in the Grob Tutor which is the light aircraft used by University Air Squadrons (UAS), and you will also have the chance to fly in the Vigilant or Viking gliders. You will get the chance to try aerobatics and may even have the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself. Some very lucky cadets get the chance to fly in a variety of other military aircraft such as the Hercules or the Tri-Star, and there are a few that have even had the chance to fly with the red arrows.

If you are interested in learning to fly then there are also opportunities to gain a scholarship. Many cadets have gone on to fly solo in gliders, and some have had the chance to gain a flying scholarship. Only those that have what it takes can go on to achieve such great success.

You will get the chance to go on an Air Experience Flight or AEF. This is done in the Grob Tutor, a light, aerobatic, monoplane training aircraft that is used to train RAF pilots. It offers an excellent insight into flying and you can gain a good understanding of how the aircraft works and flys. You will most likely be given the chance to fly the aircraft and more often than not will try your hand at some aerobatics which can be extremely fun! Most flights will last for around 30 minutes.

Some of the aircraft that cadets have flown in from Wharfedale squadron include the Vigilant, Sea King, Gazelle, Nimrod, Bulldog, Tutor, Chinook, Puma, Tri-Star, Hercules and more recently the Merlin.

Gliding is another great type of flying that cadets have the chance to take part in. You will visit a Volunteer Gliding School (VGS) and be taught the Gliding Induction Course (GIC). This is a three part course and will teach you about the basics of gliding. After you have completed all three flights you will be awarded the GIC certificate. Once you have completed this you can then go on to the Gliding Scholarship which offers you the chance to fly the glider solo before you can learn how to drive!

1224 Squadron go flying at No. 9 Air Experience Flight and go gliding at No. 642 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, both based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, as well as No. 645 VGS at RAF Topcliffe.


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