How To Join

If you are interested in joining 1224 (Wharfedale) Squadron, or any other squadron in the Corps, then feel free to come down on one of our parade nights. You will be under no obligation to join. A senior member of the Squadron will show you around and talk to you about what we do. The Officer in Charge of 1224 will then spend some time with you and your parent/guardian. They will discuss with you what the Corps does, what activities you will be taking part in and they will also answer any questions that either you, or your parent/guardian may have.

The Air Training Corps (ATC) is not a recruiting agency for the RAF but membership will benefit any application to join Her Majesty's Services.

Cadets can join from the start of Year 8 up until 16 and 9 months, though they can remain a cadet up until their 20th birthday!

If you decide to become an Air Cadet, we will issue you with all the necessary items of uniform on free loan, though you may have to provide your own shoes.

An enrolment fee known as General Purpose Fund subscriptions (GP) is payable on entry.

The Squadron takes part in many activities and you should try to take part in as many of them as you can. There are also courses run by the Corps, such as work experience courses, that you can apply for.

The ACO is an equal opportunities organisation, and welcomes along everybody.

If you would like to come down and take a look at what the Squadron does, come down on a Monday or Thursday evening between 1845 (6:45 pm) and 2130 (9:30 pm) with a parent or guardian.

Also, if you are over 20 years old and interested, come along as you may be able to join as a Civilian Instructor.

For more information see the location page.

If you do not live in the area of Ilkley then you can use the Air Cadets Squadron Finder to find a Squadron closer to you.


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