Target Shooting

Before you are allowed to fire any weapon you must first be taught how to use it correctly. You will be given training by a qualified instructor, at the end of which, you will be given a Weapons Handling Test (WHT). This is to assess your competence on the rifle. Once you have passed the WHT you will be allowed to fire the weapon whether it be on Squadron, at a Wing shooting day or at a camp.

Air Rifle

If you are new to shooting, then the air rifle is an excelent place to start. You can learn all the fundamentals of target shooting and the marksmanship principals. The Squadron often fires BSA Scorpions on the indoor range at Squadron.

Number 8, .22 Calibre

The next step that you will take, will be to progress onto the No.8 rifle. This is a very simple, bolt action rifle. Once again you will be given dry training on the rifle so you know how to handle and operate the weapon, and you will take a weapons handling test to assess you competence on the rifle. As the range on Squadron is not suitable for this weapon, shooting is held at the TA centre in Keighley.

L98 Cadet G.P. Rifle 5.56mm

Once you have reached the age of 14 and have passed the weapons handling test for the No.8 and have proved yourself a competent shot on the rifle then you can move onto the L98A1/A2 Cadet General Purpose rifle. This is a slightly more complex weapon which is shown in the training you receive. This rifle is fired on shooting days which are held at Strensall near York and can be used on ranges from 25m to 500m. There are also service style competitions which cadets can take part in to win shooting trophies.

Other Weapons

In the Air Training Corps you may be given chances to use other weapons, such as the L81 Cadet Target Rifle, L85A2 or the L86A2 Light Support Weapon (LSW), in addition to what is listed above. You may get to use these on camps etc.


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