Training Syllabus (Classification)

As a cadet you will be taught a wide variety of subjects, you will take online exams and upon successful completion of these you will be awarded a classification and badge. Here is what they mean.

First Class Cadet Leading Cadet Senior Cadet Master Air Cadet

All the above classification badges are sewn onto your brassard.

Instructor Cadet

The yellow lanyard means that the cadet has successfully completed both the written exams and the oral exams. It is worn around the left shoulder and no classification badge is worn on the brassard.

In addition, the Air Training Corps gives cadets the chance to earn BTECs in various subjects.

These include:
BTEC Award in Aviation Studies
BTEC First Diploma in Public Services
BTEC First Diploma in Music
BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies

For more information, check the CVQO Website.


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