When you join, you will be provided with all the uniform you need. Here you will be able to find out how to look after your uniform and any other bits that you may wish to purchase.

The uniform that you are provided with includes:

- Beret
- Jumper
- Wedgewood (light) blue shirt
- Working (dark) blue shirt
- Black tie
- Trousers (male/female) Skirt (Female)
- Belt
- Parade shoes (these may be available on Squadron but this is dependent on size)

Greens (CS95/MTP-PCS):
- Smock
- Shirt
- Trousers
- Boots

Items you may find useful purchasing that are not supplied by the squadron:
- Twisters (for DPM trousers)
- Green belt
- Stable belt
- Green socks (needed for greens uniform)
- Black socks (needed for blues uniform)

How to care for your uniform

How to tie a Windsor Knot

ATC Dress Regulations - AP1358C


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